Art + Engineering

Spiral Staircase -- Maui, Hawaii

Roger Claypool's Staircase -- Maui, Hawaii

Commissioned by: Roger Claypool

Contracted by: Brent Williams

Conceptual Design: Doug Marrs

Executed by: Nick Fournier


This project was started in 2007 when the client and contractor commissioned Doug Marrs to design and build a staircase that would be a center piece of a Maui oceanfront private residence. After several versions they finally determined what design the space needed. Due to health issues the original artist couldn't finish the project so it sat dormant for a period. Without ever meeting him I had to figure out his methodology and his process so I could see where it went wrong so as to correct and complete the sculpture. Working part time on weekends and a couple hours here and there in the evenings, I took it on as a challenge to complete for over a year until I could devote myself full time. The technical challenge was figuring out "how" to create anything which made the "what" to create even more satisfying.