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Nick Fournier digs deep into his clients' minds, finds their architectural aspirations, and delivers custom design work through his wide spectrum of skill sets. His process involves conceiving abstract designs, building them with specialized software and then executing them with near-obsessive focus and attention to detail. Throughout this process, Nick's diligent, hands-on approach results in remarkable, one-of-a-kind "functional art" pieces that are built to stand a lifetime or more. 

Nick's dismantling of objects and piecing them back together began in childhood, and he was influenced by his engineer-woodworker grandfather. Growing up, he rebuilt motorcycles with his father and his brother, and had an insatiable curiosity for the way things were built, designed and operated. This led to him building custom furniture in 2002, when he needed a couch for his loft. Since then, he's thrown himself into 10 years of high-caliber projects collaborating with accomplished artists and technicians working with stone, metal and wood. Bringing forth his tech-aptitude and his hands-on capabilities have been what differentiate him from other craftsmen, enabling him to fabricate complex projects with great precision under tight deadlines. 

As a problem solver and a forward thinker, Nick not only constantly challenges himself to enhance the project at hand--he sees the world through the filter of design. Thus, his lifelong quest is to understand and improve the design of objects around him. Besides being known for exceptional artistry, his clients appreciate his balance of perfectionism with keyed-in listening and a humble, down-to-earth attitude.