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This page is titled 'blog' but it doesn't quite fit that description.  This is a more of a collection of projects I've done over the years.  Some grand, some pretty simple, but all are original works.

Stacked Dual Monitor

I love having two monitors.  When using software that has a lot of menus and windows, it’s great to have a lot of screen real estate.  I've used dual monitor setups where the screens are side by side but I always ended up looking at one most of the time.  I prefer one monitor directly in front of me as my main screen. I already had speakers on either side of the main screen so I couldn't put a second monitor next to it. I decided to mount the monitor on top and position it so it was closer to my face, as the seat behind the recording console was pretty deep.  The screen needeto float above the console and be able to tilt closer or farther away from my face.  So I built this:

Single monitor floating above the console.  The height is adjustable so it was eye level when standing.  I like the option of a standing desk.

Two monitors stacked.  The bottom one was the main screen and the top one was for different plugins and reference windows. 

The top monitor hung upside down, then the lower monitor hung from the top one.  The entire assembly could be raised or lowered and pushed back or pulled forward.  

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