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This page is titled 'blog' but it doesn't quite fit that description.  This is a more of a collection of projects I've done over the years.  Some grand, some pretty simple, but all are original works.

Pedal Board

I love YouTube.  Its a way I discover many new interests.  In 2006 I saw a video of Kid Beyond that blew my mind.  I liked his approach to music creation.  Creating music on the fly using looping software was really appealing to me so I started designing my own pedal board to control loops and different aspects of the software. 

I wanted to have a durable MIDI foot controller but I didn't want to pay the $400 so I built one myself.  I took apart my M-Audio Keystation 49 and figured out how it worked.  Once I had an idea of how it worked I designed a circuit board which could trigger on/off commands via MIDI notes.  

This is a diagram I used to determine the routing of the circuit board I needed to create.

Then I soldered it up and attached it to the MIDI controller.  All of the 24 momentary switches were connected to the board I made, then rerouted to the MIDI controller.  


I used Purple Heart wood and aluminium to create the structure of the pedal board.  

Once I finished building it I had to figure out how I wanted to use it.  With unlimited options comes unlimited choices so it took a long time to figure out how exactly I wanted to use it.  After using it for a number of months I'm ready to build version 2.  More on that later.

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