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This page is titled 'blog' but it doesn't quite fit that description.  This is a more of a collection of projects I've done over the years.  Some grand, some pretty simple, but all are original works.

Japanese Inspired Headboard

I once worked on an award-winning custom interior design alongside Ethan Fierro, whose specialty is traditional Japanese woodwork.  As with any job there is always scrap and prototypes left over after the job is completed.  I hated to see it go to waste and I needed a headboard for my bedroom loft.  Before I made a headboard I converted the ladder to a staircase.

Since the ladder came with the cottage, which was a rental, I wanted to make sure I didn't ruin anything of sentimental value.  I built the stair treads to fit onto the ladder rungs without damaging them.  The property owner ended up loving the ladder/staircase I made, and said I could do whatever I wanted with the place. The next on the list was a headboard. 

To build this headboard, I used wood leftover from a big project I was working on with Ethan Fierro.  The framework is leftover door casing, the middle section is left over from a refrigerator panel, and the two pieces of canary wood are left over from flooring.

I try to leave my mark everywhere I live. 

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