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This page is titled 'blog' but it doesn't quite fit that description.  This is a more of a collection of projects I've done over the years.  Some grand, some pretty simple, but all are original works.

Articulating Microphone Arm

I love articulating arms. My first memory of an articulating arm is of a lamp my dad put by the family computer. It had a big magnifying glass surrounded by a fluorescent light.   You could move it anywhere and it stayed put.  It’s such a great concept.  After many years of recording music I came up with a way to use an articulating arm in the studio.  I don't really like the way microphone stands are designed.  The base takes up floor space and the wires run along the floor which causes clutter.  I don't like clutter.  I wanted a way to keep wires off of the ground and keep precious floor space clear. I also wanted the ability to pull a microphone out of the air and place it anywhere in an 8' sphere- all while keeping the cables well managed.  So I built this:

Fully extended.  

Centered in the room

Then if folds neatly against the wall.  The cable runs inside the arm, hidden from sight and runs neatly along the wall.

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