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This page is titled 'blog' but it doesn't quite fit that description.  This is a more of a collection of projects I've done over the years.  Some grand, some pretty simple, but all are original works.

Portable Music Production Case

I became a full-time house sitter the last several months I lived in Maui. This required me to live very light.  At the end of a work day I often wanted to create music, but spending 30-45 minutes setting up and plugging everything in killed the creative process.  I needed a way to open one case, plug in one extension cord, and then plug in my instrument and headphones.  I created a system to do just that and setup went from 45min to <5min.  Here's what I did:


I knew what I wanted and found the models of the equipment on the internet. Upon arrival I built a case around them. I found some great hardware from and plugged it into Sketchup.

I then ordered the parts and built it in the shop after work.  I epoxied the parts together while the entire case was assembled and clamped so it would cure exactly the way it needed to.

How it works:

Closed and locked shut.....

First step is to remove the front lid.....

Opened and ready for gear..... 

After mocking everything up....

I house sat many places, therefore it went many places.

Notice the pedal board on the floor to the right.  More on that later.

Being a full time house sitter meant getting the opportunity to live in much nicer places than I could ever afford. MUCH nicer. 

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